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The Cancer Factor

Cancer is not a joking matter

Cancer is an invasive, proliferative process that causes destruction to healthy tissue.  There is no doubt that cancer is a terrible condition requiring serious effort both on the part of the patient and practitioner to overcome it.  However, more than the cancer itself being problematic, is the fear that is associated with this word, CANCER.

You go in for a routine health assessment and then out of nowhere find out that you have cancer.

Before this fateful visit, life couldn’t have been better, now fear is gripping at your heart.  One word was all it took!

Fear does one thing, it paralyzes people.  It is true that many people are motivated by fear.  Many people will actually change their diet, start exercising and swear off the use of electronic devices out of a fear of getting cancer. Seriously, this is a ridiculous thinking pattern.  Why not eat living food and move your body because you want to have the energy and vigor to pursue your life purpose with all the gusto you can muster.

Living to not get something as opposed to living to get somewhere.

Today, I am going to eat an apple because they taste good and my body works best when I fuel it with living food.  Remember, all cancers start from a single cell that undergoes many changes. Some of those changes are permanent alterations to the DNA called mutations.  Over our lifetimes, thousands and thousands of damaged cells get terminated before they can cause us any harm.  If our immune defenses are strong and alert having been amply supplied with the necessary nutrition for living, we live out the full number of our days cancer free.  However, if a mutated cell does manage to get past our defenses and starts multiplying without control, it can turn into a mass of abnormal cells called a tumor.

It is the malignant or cancerous tumors that can spread into surrounding tissues, damaging nearby cells and organs that carry the greatest weight of danger.

What makes cancer so intense is that it is not a single disease, and no single factor is likely to be the cause.  Many life decisions and environmental influences contribute to cancer’s development.  In the same manner, many life decisions and environmental influences contribute to days and years of outrageous health.

A few things you could start doing today to make your tomorrow a little brighter and next year blinding!

  • Saturate your diet with plant foods.  Get in the habit of having fruits and/or vegetables at every meal!
  • If you have fat around the midsection, find a buddy and start shaving the chubby off with a solid workout routine.
  • If you are thin but don’t exercise, shame on you.  Today is your day to break a sweat!
  • If you smoke or drink alcohol excessively…right now look at yourself in the mirror and say “self, I want to live without regret, therefore, I will no longer be suffocating you with the toxic burden of cigarettes or alcohol.”

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