About Us

Health Accumulation is a way of life.  It is a mindset.  Instead of our health story just happening by chance, Health Accumulators make conscious decisions on a daily basis to ensure their health story is one we want to read and live.

From teachings to inspiration and nutritional products health accumulation is our foundation.  

As founders of Dr. Wholeness, Dr. Amadea (my wife) and Dr. Matt (myself) strive to build strong, healthy, and whole families by supply the community with accurate, lasting health insights amongst an agenda driven culture.

Health Accumulation Community

We believe that every day is a new health opportunity.  No matter what yesterday looked like or what your last food, sleep, exercise decision was you have the power to choose health accumulation at the next turn.  

In sitting down with 1000s of patients over the last decade and seeing patients go from health desolation to full on health victory time after time, we realized that it is not about a quick fix, special cleanse, or new pill that makes the difference.  Time after time it was and is a mindset set shift away from external validation and towards health accumulation. 

We have seen the Accumulate Health community grow and grow over the years and are crazy excited to see new families and communities blossom in what used to be a health desert. 

Supplement Quality

I formulated these products for myself, my wife, my five daughters and my patients.  We go the extra mile with each product ensuring the highest quality ingredients and use the power of nutrient and herb synergy to make unbelievably effective nutritional formulas.

Founders Vision

Yes you can actually live a life loaded with vitality and on going Health Accumulation.  You can have supreme control over your food decisions, how you handle stress, and whether or not you get stronger with each passing decade or atrophy away. 

We (Myself and Dr. Amadea) as well as the whole Health Accumulation community are committed to creating a new American standard, free of chronic disease and filled with stories of health realized.

“This time next year you will be glad you started the journey today.”