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Fatigue, lethargy, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, under performing, shortness of breath, palpitations, feeling cold all the time, hair loss, these can all be symptoms of low iron and blood vitality.*

Blood Vitality is an iron-containing formula you can rely upon to safely raise your ferritin levels within 30 days, which is easy to digest without the side effects associated with many irons.*

Blood Vitality has helped patient after patient increase ferritin lab values in 30 days when previously they saw little change after months on standard iron supplements. Having optimal ferritin levels, not only supports healthy energy levels and endurance but proper growth and development in pregnancy.*

Blood Vitality has 15mg of elemental iron per serving along with other blood-building minerals in a unique form called Hydrolyzed Whole Protein Chelate.  This unique iron delivery system is the difference between efficient ferritin increase without side effects or standard nausea, constipation, and black stools with little change in ferritin levels. Blood Vitality also contains the methylated forms of folate and B12.*

Increase absorption and save money with the Ultimate Iron Support Pack.

The pack includes Blood Vitality, Vitamin D3+K2 liquid, and Daily Flora.


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  • Peak Blood Energizer – Fortifying and balancing your body’s iron levels can help improve red blood cell oxygenation to help you perform optimally in life.*
  • Gentle on Sensitive Stomachs – Unlike most formulas, our non-constipating iron supplement won’t cause digestive discomfort, black stools, or nausea for daily use.*
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals – Blood Vitality contains 15mg of vital iron support, as well as Biotin, Vitamin C, Methyl B12, Methyl Folate, Copper, Zinc, and more.*
  • Athletes – our iron deficiency supplement can help improve energy levels, reduce fatigue, and minimize recovery times.*
  • Doctor Formulated – This clinically-proven iron supplement is the ideal blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, in a protein matrix to provide fast, reliable support.* 

What Blood Vitality customers are saying:

I’m anemic, and my cousin recommended I take these. I’m in my fourth month of using them, and although I have not been tested to compare, I can definitely tell the difference. I have fewer symptoms of anemia, but I also really appreciate the price. I was taking two different supplements before, and it was breaking my wallet. So glad I found these guys!


I started taking this iron back in December 2017 after seeing my doctor for fatigue. At that point my Ferritin level was 8ng/ml (VERY low – the optimal range is 40-60). After taking it for 40 days, I was up to 21, and after 4 months I was testing at 49.

This stuff seriously changed me! I have way more energy and don’t suffer from the constant exhaustion like I used to.

In the first 4 months I was taking two capsules a day, and since then I’ve switched to one a day for maintaining my iron level.

I have had no gastrointestinal problems or any kind of side effects. (But I have learned not to take on an empty stomach, or it will make me a little nauseous. Now I take it with/after breakfast.)

- MM

Helped my 18-year-old daughter correct her iron levels while participating in her first year of college cross country. Results were quick and she will adjust her dosage to maintain the good levels.


My iron has been low for years no matter what I took. With taking two of these daily for two months I went from 25 to 80 on my iron blood test! So glad I found this.

- TL

I have tried several iron pills brand, most of them are not effective. My energy level was low. After hearing this iron pills from Dr. Matt, I tried it for a month, it's effective and my energy level goes up. Last week, I hiked 832 steps up the Space Needles without any problem. Highly recommend.

- AT

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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